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LDS decor at home

Like most members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I have art prints of the Savior in my home; we seek to emulate Him and remember Him always, so it makes sense to have visual reminders. LDS people don’t typically display crucifixes, not because we object to them, but because we choose to emphasize the resurrected Christ, of course without ever forgetting what he suffered for us.

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Violence, terrorism is an act of despair

Terrorism is an act of despair on the part of a person or group who has lost hope in the ability to affect change through non-violent engagement whether it is political, economic or religious. By my definition much of the violence in the world is that of terrorists.

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Spokane Faith & Values presents: Ask an Atheist

According to the Religion Stylebook an atheist is, "A person who does not believe in God or other supernatural forces. Some people make a distinction between “weak atheism” (the idea that evidence doesn’t support a belief in God) and “strong atheism” (being convinced that God does not exist)."

It's a definition that invites questions.

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Faith representations in my office

My office is in my home and has tons of theology books on the shelves as well as books for exegetical work. On the walls are various things that represent faith, a communion plate gifted to me by a congregation in a previous assignment.

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Wise words from sages

When it comes to my decor, I tend to hang up quotes or paintings that motivate me. This can come from quotes said in Scripture. I also use inspirational quotes from my favorite authors and athletes.

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