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About Paganism and the Spokane Pagan scene

This is my first article for Spokane Faith & Values. Not having a specific topic to write about I thought it appropriate to give a little background information about paganism, the local pagan community and myself. Personally my experience with paganism goes back more than 15 years. During that time countless books have been read, spiritual work undertaken and completed, private and public groups have been joined and faded away.

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Through your faith, be joyous with others

Were you to walk through my home, you would find that I have a lot of photographs hanging on the walls, in albums and even displayed as coffee table books from trips I have taken to far off places. These photos show both people I love and joyous times with them. Accomplishments and achievements and risks I’ve taken solely for the purpose of crossing things off my bucket list — they are all there.

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Reveling in the silence

Namaste' readers. After this weekend's Coffee Talk I discovered I have something to say about silence.

I believe we are given experience of a thing so that we can hold a truth of compassion close to our thoughts and heart.

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