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Ask An Atheist: Why atheist and not agnostic?

I often describe myself as a "devout agnostic but a functional atheist." By which I mean that I do not rule out in principle that god(s) might exist (though many a dogmatic atheist does exactly that), though since if asked do I believe in any particular god, as I don't, that makes me a functional atheist.

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Institutional church and social justice, a series

Religion being thrown around in public discourse gives us a particular opportunity to challenge ourselves to realize our meanings and assumptions when we talk about ecumenicalism. To talk about the church is to include the global Christian community, not just a certain domination or authority.

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Preaching politics, an LDS perspective

LDS congregations are organized geographically, so unlike some other religions, there's not an opportunity to self-select which congregation, or ward, you attend.  With a very few exceptions, your address determines where you go to church.

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Meet Buddhist writer Sarah Conover

Spokane Faith & Values is happy to welcome Sarah Conover to its team of writers.

Conover teaches creative writing and meditation and has author several books, including "Muhammad: the Story of a Prophet and Reformer," which will be released later this year.

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