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Ask An Atheist: Why atheist and not agnostic?

I often describe myself as a "devout agnostic but a functional atheist." By which I mean that I do not rule out in principle that god(s) might exist (though many a dogmatic atheist does exactly that), though since if asked do I believe in any particular god, as I don't, that makes me a functional atheist.

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Institutional church and social justice, a series

Religion being thrown around in public discourse gives us a particular opportunity to challenge ourselves to realize our meanings and assumptions when we talk about ecumenicalism. To talk about the church is to include the global Christian community, not just a certain domination or authority.

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Preaching politics, an LDS perspective

LDS congregations are organized geographically, so unlike some other religions, there's not an opportunity to self-select which congregation, or ward, you attend.  With a very few exceptions, your address determines where you go to church.

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Meet Buddhist writer Sarah Conover

Spokane Faith & Values is happy to welcome Sarah Conover to its team of writers.

Conover teaches creative writing and meditation and has author several books, including "Muhammad: the Story of a Prophet and Reformer," which will be released later this year.

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Experience the divine this Pentecost

On Sunday we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost. In John  20:19-23 we read that the disciples were gathered together, huddled in fear, hiding in an out of the way place, confused and bewildered about all that had occurred in the recent days. They were no doubt still distraught about the death of Jesus; and confused about several experiences when Jesus seemed somehow to be with them.

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