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News of suicide a reminder to speak out

It was with a heavy heart that I recently read about a young lady who chose suicide because of the behavior of others — including those that did not believe her and, therefore, did not prosecute those that violated her. More and more it seems we don’t recognize and honor the boundaries of others, be they male or female, and sometimes even go to the extent of causing verbal or bodily harm, adding further insult by later bragging about our actions.

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The comfort of kaddish and the saints: grieving for a friend

It was a mist-shrouded North Carolina mountain day in early fall. I remember thinking how appropriate the gray weather and the heavy fog rolling off the Blue Ridge Parkway were  for the loss we felt.

It was the start of eighth grade. Many of us had wished Scott a great summer at the end of seventh grade. It never crossed our minds that we wouldn’t see him again or that the pacemaker he’d had since birth would fail.

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