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The Evil in this World: I’ve Experienced Evil in the Actions of COVID Deniers

I believe I’m seeing far more evil in the world than ever before in my lifetime. There’s a constant barrage of antisemitism, gun violence, racism and homophobia. And not only is there a lack of empathy, but there’s a gleeful viciousness about it from perpetrators. However, for this piece, I’m going to focus specifically on the evil I’m seeing in response to COVID.

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COVID: The View From the Porch

The COVID quarantine meant no travel, no outings, no dinner out, no overnight company or even dinner guests. The world was reduced to our small home on the South Hill and to our wonderful front porch.

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Hope is an Action Verb

Hope? I’ve never had a very good relationship with hope. First, I haven’t much experienced what I heard others describe as hope; I’ve been better acquainted with despair.

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The Grace of God in The Face of Covid

As I compose this article, 2,290,488 deaths have been reported to the World Health Organization. And yet, compared to some events in history, we’re in relatively good shape, which I attribute to God’s grace toward mankind.

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Got The Shot

Late last week, at the Deaconess Health Education Center, a nurse volunteer administered the first dose of the Moderna vaccine that will eventually protect me, mostly, from COVID 19.

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