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Why the church is like a tribe

I saw something recently that got me thinking about how the church should be more like a tribe rather than a temple. The church is not a building, a business venture, or a 501c3 non-profit organization — it’s supposed to be a community of faith — a tribe if you will. In fact, there are some very strong similarities to church and a Native American tribe.

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Quote 092313

“Community happened when we joined together to help others.” – Amy Rice Building community, one paint can at a time

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Community: Tears of joy, tears of sorrow

In the past two weeks, I have learned of a death of an acquaintance, celebrated a wedding and mourned anew on the 12th anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks. It was really a sharp contrast: many lives taken too soon juxtaposed with the radiant joy and fellowship of celebrating the forming of a new family.

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Very tricky word, love

One of the things I have heard quite often over the past 31 years I have been in parish ministry, is that congregations are supposed to be places where everyone loves each other. Until very recently I have agreed with that; I have pictured that as an ideal toward which we all ought to work. These days I am not so sure that this is the goal of Christian community in general...

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