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Learning about forgiveness the hard way

I finally learned about forgiveness at age 36, when my husband, the father of our then 4-year-old son, and our daughter on the way, left me for a young student of his. In the process he said and did many hurtful things. And over the years, he continued to do and say hurtful things. At first, I simply lived in pain — deep, emotional and spiritual pain.

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Exploring the interplay of relationships and spirituality

I can see it in her face even when she dismisses it as “not a big deal.” The faces of many older women with some sadness in their eyes. These women have called me their pastor at one time or another.  Their husbands don’t come around the church unless it is a command performance or they are asked to fix something at the church. Most of these men will say they are Christian, when asked. Some have in their head a list of Christian values that got as a child.

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Why we need conflict

Every one of us has been hurt by another person. Unfortunately, it probably wasn’t just an isolated incident. The fact of the matter is you have probably been hurt in recent memory or are currently dealing with a tumultuous relationship with someone at this very time.

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