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Dear exhausted Evangelical

The end of the story is that I escaped my mental jail cell without losing my faith. But it wasn’t immediate or simple. It was a complicated process that involved trauma, unconventional theology classes, and listening to the unexpected, still, small voice of the Holy Spirit.

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An Eastern Orthodox Perspective on Sin

In the Eastern Orthodox Church (EOC) the word for sin in Greek is "αμαρτία" which is defined in the following way: 'failure' or — more specifically — 'missing the mark,' 'going astray,' 'erring,' 'severing a relationship,' or, ultimately, “failing to achieve the purpose and benefit of life for which one is created.'

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The Tomb – A Poem

Why is it that the greatest act of Salvation, the most Glorious example of God's undying Love for us, occurred in secret, in the dark, damp, smelly cavern of the tomb?

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