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Hope Lutheran VBS

Mark your calendar for July 16-20 when “Sanctified” VBS, comes to Hope Lutheran Church. Children Pre-K through 5th grade should attend. Through the three W’s (Work, Worship and fun ?) we will learn about God’s Word and how His 10 commandments are not just 10 rules that God expects us …

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The Islamic State group has weaponized children

IS has gone from using children to inspire adults, to manipulating children and their parents to fight alongside adults, to targeting children instead of adults. They do not consider what they have done to be truly evil, although we know it to be.

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Ask a Jew: How do I explain God in Jewish terms to a 4-year-old?

My kid is asking things like: Where is God? What does God look like? How come I don't hear God? … So someone more knowledgeable: Do Jews believe God is everywhere and in everything? Is God all powerful and all good? Do loved ones go to "heaven"? What can they even understand?

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