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Let’s listen to the popes call to care for creation

With release of the Pope’s encyclical, the forces who actively defend greed as good for everyone have been scrambling to shelter unfettered capitalism and free market ideology from the harsh light of Christian theology. As Jesus says, when the light of the gospel shines the sinners scatter. Greed defenders have their work cut out for them.

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The Problem of Inequality in America: Capitalism and the Christian Witness

Six years after the American Revolutionary War, Congressmen from 12 states ratified the United States Constitution. However, the ratification process did not go as smoothly as many would have desired, and several members of congress needed to persuade their constituents. In fact, under the pseudonym Publius, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay wrote a series of 85 papers to persuade the citizens of New York to vote in favor of the proposed Constitution.

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Is socialism biblical?

Socialism. I can almost see your eyes glazing over. Fight the urge. You may think the topic is unimportant; will it change the price of my next latté, you may ask?  Does it really matter what kind of government we have? Give me a moment and I will show you why the concept of socialism is profoundly important to you.

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