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BRIEF: Spokane woman plans to walk to end death penalty

Beginning Sept. 3 Spokane resident Victoria Thorpe will lead an 18 and-a-half-day walk across the state to advocate for the abolition of the death penalty.

"Its purpose is to draw attention to the failure of the death penalty system; not only on the factual level, but as a tool designed to preserve our humanity it has only taken us further away," she said in a letter.

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Spokane author says death penalty is inhumane, should be abolished

They stand in front of River Park Square, shackled together, heads down, nameplates dangling around their necks, bearing the names of men and women killed on America’s death row.

Cal Brown.
Teresa Lewis.
Cameron Todd Willingham.

Behind them, stands Victoria Ann Thorpe. Dark makeup paints her cheeks and she waves a bloodstained-painted sign above her head, “Their blood is on our hands.”

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