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Finding beauty in change

I reached into my pocket and my fingers wrapped themselves around a fistful of change. How appropriate, lately the world seems to be overflowing with change. It is the one thing that we can rely on. One of the most basic beliefs of Buddhism is the concept of impermanence; that we should not cling to any object, person, or belief because our reality is constantly changing.

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Ask a Buddhist: Are Buddhists boring?

Although I study and write books on many world wisdom traditions, at heart, I am a committed Buddhist practitioner. This turn away from my childhood faith of Presbyterianism occurred on a narrow trail 500 feet above a terrifying and roaring river in the Himalayas.

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Buddhist intentions for 2013

As 2013 approaches, I am considering more and more the consequences of my actions. More accurately my inaction. I have spent a great deal of time thinking of myself as a Buddhist who has few worldly attachments, kind actions, and a generous spirit.

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Young Spokanite seeks Buddhist ordination

Nathan Conover left Spokane with a full head of hair, a stubbly beard and a wardrobe common to most 23 years old.

Now, just more than a month later, he’s donning white robes and shaved head at Wat Marp Jan , a monastery in a Thailand forest, where he’s serving as a pakow (or anagarika) and preparing to for Buddhist ordination.

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Aki Matsuri Fall Food Festival coming to Spokane

On the books the Aki Matsuri Fall Food Festival has been a tradition for the Spokane Buddhist Temple for 22 years. Long-time members say, however, it goes back even farther — to the 1960s when the church moved from a rented apartment to its current location on Perry Street.

Either way, it's been happening long enough to keep Spokanites coming back year after year for Yakisoba Bento Boxes, Fotomaki Sushi, Senbei (Japanese crackers) and other traditional Japanese menu items.

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