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Shake the dust off your feet and enter into life’s woes

Syria’s actions and how the world should respond to them continue to dominate the headlines. In the wake of Syria and all pockets of violence, oppression and conflict throughout our globe — even within my small neighborhood of nine houses where fights escalate over property lines, barking dogs, pooping dogs, divorce and kids — the old saying “shake the dust off your feet” comes to mind.

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Ask A Mormon: Do Mormons face more pressure than other Christians?

Do you feel like you, as a member of the LDS church, are under more pressure to defend (or maybe 'contextualize' is the word) The Book of Mormon than other Christians are under to defend the Bible? I feel like there's a broad spectrum of perspectives on the Bible, among people I talk to, from 'it's a nice book with some good advice in it' all the way up to 'this is the factual and inarguable word of God', but I've got the sense from Mormon friends that this kind of discussion is less welcome in LDS circles. Do you agree? Do you think it's foundational to Mormon faith that Smith's accounts be taken as fact?

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Traditional Christianity thrives in southeastern Kansas

I pack a few clothes and my mp3 player to board the plane for southeastern Kansas. My great-grandfather Henry and his family packed everything they owned on a train. They stopped and purchased land because there was a Lutheran Church, and so my Grandfather Erwin grew up on the farm. He left to become a German professor, and today I know almost nothing about farming.

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What we can learn from zombies

I have a confession. Please don’t hate me. I know this will be a terrible shock to some of you, but I recently took my wife on a date to see "World War Z." Yes, that’s the new Brad Pitt movie about a war fought against billions of humans who get infected with a virus, die and then come back as zombies.

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Out with the Old (Testament) and in with the New (Testament)

With the passage of some weeks the History Channel’s miniseries “The Bible” begins to fade from the public eye and embark perhaps on a gentle migration (as so many fleetingly popular titles do) to the bargain price video bin at Walmart. I have already delved into some of those aspects of the series that catches the eye of this feisty non-Christian (focusing on Genesis, the Samson Tale and the Exodus), and will conclude with the transition the story took from Old to New Testaments.

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