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Beyond Zero-Sum: Let’s Work Together Toward Unity

“Zero-sum” describes a situation or game in which whatever is gained by one side is lost by the other: winner takes all. Our culture thrives on it. Take sports. Rooted in zero-sum attitudes, sports epitomize much else in our culture: politics, our judicial system, business and, of course, war.

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America’s Democracy Is Still Growing Up

declaration of independence

Although we established the first modern democracy, we’re not at the top. Some nations are improving the model. Certain characteristics, such as low voter participation or polarization, contribute to our current lower ranking. The recent upheavals we’re enduring are growing pains. Efforts are being made to repair our faults, yet opposing efforts undermine our democracy.

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Spiritual Growth: A Lifetime Journey for Us All


As I grew, I started attending church, where I was confirmed at age 15. By 17, I found myself questioning my beliefs. During the congregational affirmation, I stopped abruptly after saying, “I believe…” I didn’t believe, and I was honest enough to admit it. Thus began my 12 years of agnosticism.

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