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The Pearl Project

The Pearl Project is an experiential, contemplative, interactive learning event weaving together the elements of sacred text, art, meditation, and ritual. Josh Bosse, along with local artists, is excited to bring us together in a learning environment to inspire curiosity and creativity. This series of events on Mondays in March …

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Jonah and atonement

On Yom Kippur(im) – the Jewish day of atonement that is observed today – the entire biblical book of Jonah is read, among other biblical readings.

Jonah is a prophet who attempts fleeing from his service to God not because he does not revere the heavenly God “who made both sea and land” but because he disagrees with God’s modus operandi of availing sinners – the whole huge city of Nineveh – with an opportunity to cease and desist from their wrongful ways and be spared from punishment.

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