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Ask an Atheist: How do you explain the precision of creation?

Those who want to invoke intention in physical processes are free to do so, but should not think that their "explanation" actually explains anything. If no universe has ever (or can ever) exist where gravity has some other value or properties than what it has, then fretting over intention there is no more helpful than asking why the designer would have made water molecules so they can form into icebergs that can sink Titanics.

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Ask an Atheist: Is atheism dependent on religion?

Logically, it is up to believers in god(s) to make a positive case for belief in their god(s) to the exclusion of all others. That typically is a tough hurdle, which is why so many defenders of particular god(s) prefer to restrict their argument to their faith vs none at all atheism, rather than a far slipperier comparative religion defense.

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