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Ask a Jew: Would the ICC issue warrants for Joshua and Moses?

You’re not wrong. If the MPAA — the U.S. organization that gives movies content-based ratings, such as PG-13 — got ahold of the Old Testament, it would be slapped with a hard R, if not the dreaded NC-17 (no children 17 and under admitted).

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Ask A Jew: How Do I Become Jewish?

Becoming a “Jew by choice” (the term that is increasingly preferred over “convert,” which some people feel has negative connotations) is a process — you don’t suddenly, in one epiphanic moment, accept the teachings of Judaism and then, wham bam, you’re a Jew.

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Ask A Jew: Tithing

In my experience, synagogues can follow one of several models to garner the financial support they need.

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