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Sheep, goats, the pope, and the image of God

Several days ago, I read an article in which Pope Francis “declared that everyone was redeemed through Jesus, including atheists.” I clearly expected much backlash as his statements are bold (to say the least) and have the power to rock the foundations of both Roman Catholicism and enrage those who believe Jesus to be the sole way to God.

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God’s problem with Professor Bart Ehrman

When Professor Bart Ehrman speaks at the Fox Theater this week, I will have a question for him. My question comes from an interview I heard on the radio program Fresh Air several years ago. I distinctly remember I was driving just outside of Ephrata in central Washington when Ehrman discussed his latest book “God’s Problem.”

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God and game theory, part 2

In the last post, I argued, or at least implicitly suggested, that given a Christian conception of God, we would not expect to exist in a physical world — i.e. one of a different substantive class than God, which is governed (for all we can tell) exclusively by natural laws and where we have little to no direct experience of the divine.

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