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DNC: Aiming High after others tried Low

Whether the Trump camp were taking notes for yet more plagiarism-is unclear, but there was plenty copy-worthy to go around, as that most admirable First Lady reminded us of what really matters when we step up every four years to vote for president, and how the choices we make set the course for years to come, ideally to inspire and protect our youth, not frighten or betray them.

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Making America Wait Again

The rise of outsiders who threaten the Democrat and Republican status quo is a monumental advancement for those of us who think both parties are too hard left and too hard right and have been multiplying a mess of mediocre moderates.

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Sounding the TRUMPets 

Basically, if you were to do a casting-call for a character with the opposite characteristics of what a Christian should look like, Donald Trump would be the person for the role.

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