Ven. Sangye Khadro
Ven. Sangye Khadro teaching at Sravasti Abbey / Contributed by Sravasti Abbey

Sravasti Monastics Show How Courage and Kindness Counter Anxiety in Series of Talks

Sravasti Monastics Show How Courage and Kindness Counter Anxiety in Series of Talks

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Buddhist nuns in Newport, Washington, know these are scary times where people’s thoughts and lack of confidence may get the best of them. And they want to change that.

The Ven. Sangye Khadro, a well-known Buddhist nun, teacher and author — along with other monastics from Sravasti Abbey — will give a series of talks on being “Courageous and Kind” to show others how they can mitigate their anxieties.

The talks started Sept. 11 and will continue on through Oct. 30, every Monday, from 6:30-8 p.m., at the Create Art Center (900 West 4th in Newport).

In this series of teachings, Buddhist nuns from Sravasti Abbey will share some of the wisdom and strategies that have made their lives better despite one’s spiritual leanings.

These monastics will guide attendees to grow in their confidence, courage, inner calm and the ability to relate to others with kindness and compassion — “qualities that are good both for ourselves and for the people around us,” according to a press release on the series.

Each session will include a short, guided meditation to relax, followed by a talk, a Q&A and a discussion. No meditation background is needed.

The principal teacher of the series, Khadro, was born in California and ordained as a Buddhist nun at Kopan Monastery in Nepal in 1974. She has studied Buddhism with many great masters including Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Lama Yeshe, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey and Khensur Jampa Tegchok.

She is the author of several books, including “How to Meditate: A Practical Guide,” now in its 17th printing.

Sravasti Abbey is a Buddhist monastery practicing in the Tibetan tradition near Newport.

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