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Sravasti Abbey seeking volunteers

Sravasti Abbey is seeking volunteers for upcoming monthly community building/offering service days at the abbey during the warm season, beginning Saturday, June 27.

The idea is to strengthen the abbey’s support community and, at the same time, take a bit of the workload off the shoulders of the nuns, according to volunteer Sarah Conover.

 The abbey has expanded in recent years, which means  it’s become more challenging for the nuns to keep up with the maintenance of buildings, gardens and forest projects.

“The distance of the abbey from its lay supporters makes it efficient to have scheduled days where a group of us can come together and pitch in,” Conover wrote. “We have probably all felt that spending time at the Abbey—whether working or meditating—helps us to reconnect with goodness, virtue and generosity. We believe these monthly service opportunities will help us cultivate those same qualities in our lives at home.”

Volunteers to help maintain the property will gather on the last Saturday of every month through October.

Monthly dates will be from 9 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. June 27July 25, Aug. 29, Sept. 26, and Oct. 31. 

For information or to volunteer email volunteer.sravasti@gmail.com.

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