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We live in an ecosphere where people belong to different ethnicities, cultures, histories, and religions. We live in a globalized world where things have been very generalized for us. Even when talking about minority religious sects, what comes in our mind are the universal religions: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, and Hinduism. However, the truth is much more complex than that. Every year there are scores of new religions that are originating in this society. We tend to ignore the diversity of religious beliefs around us. This article will inform you of some of the most absurd perceptions that are believed to be the sole truth of the universe.


A paradigm started evolving around the 1960s after the publishing of the book, Principia Discordia. The authors of the book had started it out to be a parody religion, but the interpretation of the text attracted many people. According to Discordianism, you should worship Eris, the Goddess of disorder and chaos. Holding three principles in the text, Principia Discordia explains how there are just three principles to observe. The Aneritis, meaning order and the Eritis, meaning disorder and chaos and the conclusion that both of these are mere illusions. The outcome further leads you to believe how after eliminating all ideas of order and chaos; you’ll see how reality really is. Which is, in its own way, for a Discordian, chaos itself.


Claude Vorlhon founded Raëlism in 1974 as a UFO religion. Claude Vorlhon is now known to be Raël. The Raëlian Movement preaches its followers that the life on planet Earth was a systematic process by an extraterrestrial species of humanoids. These space species were declared as Elohim by the Raëlian Movement preachers. The Raëlism movement has somewhat familiar points with other religions in the descent of the word of God. They believed that some members of these species came to Earth in human disguise and maintained links with their successors on Earth. These creators intentionally misguided humanity. The founding father of Raëlism claimed to receive the last message of the Elohim that he is supposed to guide other humans. Also, if in this test of life, they become conscious and aware enough of their surroundings then humans would be welcomed by the Elohim.  


Wicca, which is also known as Pagan Witchcraft is a relatively newer Pagan religious movement. This contemporary pagan religious movement started around the mid-20th century. Wicca was set forth to the audience as a religion in 1954. Gerald Gardener was the founder of Wicca, who was a retired British civil servant. Wicca roots out from various sets of historical pagan movements to give its theological practices shape and rule out its ritual practices. Wicca is a decentralized religion that does not subjugate to a central power position. In the 1940s and ‘50s, Gardner (the founder of Wicca) and Doreen Valiente outlined the core principles and beliefs of Wicca. These religious instructions were passed down through secretive written and oral literature as well as through published books. This religion has grown over time, and we witnessed further development in its structure over time. There are various traditions in Wicca with diverse sects. These traditions have different infrastructures and stories of how everything happened and how everything should be.


Science and logic are something that appeals to people these days. Having beliefs is as easy as searching for something online. You can’t be sure about what faith and belief someone has. For all you know, because there is the best app to track cellphone, it might be enough for someone to start making sense out of everything in the universe through it. Knowing God and what’s right is something better left to the individual these days. You don’t want to appear as a preacher as it will just add to the hatred they feel.

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