Gifting is the best way to celebrate diversity. A gift is any item or service that will make your fellow human happier.

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Diversity is the very fabric of this world. The differences between us are what makes us human. Be it the variance of the color of one’s skin, their nationality, their religion, or faith; we are all beautiful. It might be just an opinion, but a beautiful human being is the one who is kind to all of God’s creation. Every religion teaches empathy. Empathy towards your fellow human beings. We should respect each other’s belief and tolerate whatever makes us uneasy.

Gifting is the best way to celebrate diversity. A gift is any item or service that will make your fellow human happier. Exchanging gifts can be very fruitful and help in the social cohesion of a society. You don’t have to wait for an occasion to give someone a gift; you can do it anytime, just make sure that what you give is meaningful. Here we talk about various religious jewelry that people of different faiths wear. As the jewelry is not only beautiful to look at and wear, but it also is a symbol of inspiration and devotion of the one wearing it.

Jewelry of different religions:

Almost every religion has some jewelry items and symbols associated with them. These items inspire believers and remind them of God.


In Christianity, and among its many sects, religious jewelry is an eminent reminder of the Great and Most Forgiving God. The most famous being the cross symbol available as necklaces, earrings, rings, pins, etc. Some people also wear the infinity necklace sterling silver with a cross as a symbol of infinite love and forgiveness. Christians also wear rosaries, especially rosaries in the shape of Y. These can be made from beads of glass, plastic, wood, etc. Other items include pendants and medals of guardian angel and saints.  


The jewelry options for Muslims is far and wide. Muslims wear many types of religious ornaments from the likes of the crescent moon and star pendants to Arabic faith messages and Quranic verses inscribed in jewelry. However, the most popular jewelry items among Muslims are Allah’s name on necklace, Muhammad’s name on necklace and rings, and the “Ayat al Kursi” or the Throne Verse pendants. Other popular jewelry options include precious gemstones (most common being Aqeeq), Evil Eye Motif accessories, and praying beads.


The Jewish people also have ranging religious jewelry items. There are different religious jewelry items available from the Hebrew name necklaces to the Hamsa and Kabbalah pendants. Though, the most common jewelry items are the Chai pendants and rings, and the Star of David accessories. Other precious pieces include inspirational Hebrew messages and Hebrew Charms engraved in rings. The Mezuzahs are also very common. The mezuzah is a doorpost consisting of a piece of parchment in a decorative case with Hebrew verses. 


Just like the Muslims, the Hindus have a plethora of options when it comes to religious jewelry. There are numerous choices available from the likes of shanti charms and pendants to the Shiva, Ganesh, and Krishna pendants and earrings. The most famous Hindu religion jewelry items are the Om symbol accessories and the Mangala Sutra that the married Hindu women wear. Other religious ornaments include important Hindu symbols etched in pendants and rings and accessories inspired by the Divine Hindu Deities.

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