Sponsored: Imparting Moral Values to Children: The Ultimate Role of Parents

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Nature has instilled both good and bad instincts in man and has also bestowed him with the most developed CNS. He has been given the full authority to choose between right and wrong. It is up to him to decide which way he likes to move: virtue or vice. Many opt noble ways while the others go for the otherwise. This has been going on over the centuries and there does exist a conflict between good and bad. But all this is true for the mature adults who have fully developed senses regarding ethics and morals.

What about kids and teens towards morality?

Kids and teens are too young to distinguish between good and bad, moral and immoral, etc. Their minds are just like blank sheets of papers ready to receive what others are going to write on them. They observe their parents and other family members in their routine life and try to copy them in everything. There are lot of channels and avenues for a child or a teen to follow at this stage of immaturity. They may slip and go astray just because of the lack of awareness regarding good and bad, right and wrong, etc.

Here comes the role of parents into play to guide their life-long assets, their kids, through moral and immoral.

What should be the guideline of parents?            

Parents must realize that the society is what they themselves are today and it will look like how the kids are going to shape it tomorrow. The more the kids and teens are ethical, the more the society is peaceful and worth living in. So, parents should impart the right kind of theoretical and practical guideline to their children to ensure that they grow into noble and responsible citizens. Parents may take a good help from the latest android apps like teensafe, etc. to guide and monitor their children in this regard.   

The best way is to be a role model for the children.

Your child sees a role model in your overall personality and follows in your footsteps in all aspects of life. So, if you are honest, loyal, respectful, courteous, patient, kind-hearted, disciplined, self-relying and forgiving in your daily life, your child will also tend to be the same in his own practical life tomorrow. Moreover, your words as a role model will carry huge weight and your conscience will feel justified if you yourself are a true follower of moral values.

A few easy steps to inculcate good moral values in children

The severe wave of immorality and the threatening crime rate even in the most civilized societies is just because of the lack of care towards imparting good moral character on the part of parents. Your child gets moulded in his attitude and approach under the positive influence of what moral values you impart him.

Followings are a few easy ways parents should adopt to impart moral values to the young ones.

  • Your child listens to you with rapt attention and, hence, you should narrate to him patriotic, religious and ethical stories. Also, ask him what lesson he has drawn after listening to these moral incidents or anecdotes.
  • While before TV with your teens, discuss with them the various aspects of the scenes they have just finished watching.  Ask them what they would have done under such circumstances and discuss the pros and cons of their answers.
  • Try your best to involve your children in the religious activities with you, for all religions have the same ethics. They will strengthen their belief in God and will present kindness towards the fellow beings.
  • Boost the self-confidence of your children by listening to their ideas respectfully and rectifying them wherever required.
  • Encourage your children to help others so that they may become generous in their practical lives afterwards.
  • Manage to involve your children in community service programmes. This will make them develop an attitude of serving to the general public.
  • Tell your kids and teens a lot about the great people you are impressed by and the reasons behind your liking. This will silently inculcate many great values in them.        

The above mentioned easy ways will go a long way towards imparting precious moral values in the future leaders.

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