Spokane’s religion wrap-up: The Oak Tree, gay marriage and arrogant Christianity?

Joel Williamson has been hired to lead Project Hope
Joel Williamson has been hired to lead Project Hope

Have you heard of The Oak Tree yet? It’s a group of Spokanites who are determined to make a difference in the community outside of church walls. They have lots going on this month. On Sunday the group will have a story gathering, where a volunteer will share their personal narrative and engage in dialog. Then, beginning April 19, The Oak Tree will begin a workshop series “Bodies of Worth” at Charlie’s Pub. The group will close out the month with a New Economy Action team meeting, designed to discuss Spokane’s economy. Details for all these events are on The Oak Tree Facebook page.

On Monday local gay marriage advocates will participate in Love for All March for Marriage Equality and Spokane City Council Resolution. Supporters will meet at Westminster United Church of Christ at 5 p.m. and march to City Hall, where council  members are expected to vote on a city resolution in support of marriage equality.

Spokane First Church of the Nazarene has an interesting three-day seminar coming up called, “Is Christianity Arrogant?” You can register here.

And if you’re looking for a good, wholesome family movie to watch this weekend, local blogger William Farley recommends “October Baby,” about a girl who finds out she was adopted. Read his review here. Tomorrow may be stormy, so it just might make for a nice movie day.

The Gonzaga Bulletin reported this week that males who regularly attend church are on the decline. Good job young journalists!

And speaking of Gonzaga, today’s top story on SpokaneFAVS is about Desmond Tutu, who is slated to speak at next months’ graduation ceremony. A petition, with about 700 signatures, says Tutu shouldn’t be invited to speak because his views don’t align with the Catholic faith. Read that story here.

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Eric Blauer

The above link about ‘Arrogant Christianity” is a presentation by Ravi Zacharias International Ministries about the truth claims of Christ.

“Christianity claims absolute truth. It claims that a relationship with Christ is the only way to God. Is it arrogant to proclaim your truth as real and all others as false?’

Schedule and Topics of Presentation:
May 10th 7:00 PM
Reasons to Believe: Jesus Christ, Stepping Stone or Stumbling Block?

May 11th 7:00 PM
Reasons to Believe: Whose Message? Whose Truth?

May 12th 9:00 AM to Noon
The Cross and the Problem of Evil
Final Session: The Gospel Messenger

This is a 3-day RZIM pre-registered seminar with Andy Bannister and Stuart McAllistar: Cost is $30.00 per person or $50.00 per couple or family. Please visit RZIM.org for additional information regarding RZIM.

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