Spokane’s religion wrap-up: Celtic spirituality, Gonzaga’s Pilgrimage, Liturgy Art Project, the Music Man and marriage

There’s really no other way to say it. Celtic spirituality is just plain cool. St. Joseph Family Center is hosting “Life as Pilgrimage – A Celtic Spirituality Retreat” next weekend and there’s still time to sign up. What’s even cooler, is that the retreat is being lead by Sr. Mary Lonergan, who happens to be a Native of Ireland. You can register and get more information on the organization’s website.

Gonzaga will have its 43rd annual pilgrimage on Sept. 15. Some 250 Gonzaga students, Jesuits, faculty, staff, alumni, family and friends are expected to participate on the spiritual journey to the historic Mission of the Sacred Heart in Cataldo, Idaho for a day of hiking, prayer and history. The public is invited to join in.

Also on Sept. 15 South Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church will host Jerry Nelson, the “Music Man” who’s known for playing virtually every instrument during his performances — piano, violin, trumpet, etc. The concert will be at 2:30 p.m.

For the upcoming Festival of Arts in West Central, Pastor Eric Blauer is seeking Instagram of “phone pix” of images taken in Spokane “where you have discovered beauty in unlikely places.” Send images to him via email at fcb4@mac.com or on Instagram at #urbanliturgypix. The images will be on display Sept. 21-28. And check back on SpokaneFAVS to see some of the submissions. Trust me, they’re very cool.

Finally, Bishop Blase Cupich of the Catholic Diocese of Spokane released a letter to parishioners this week, “Believing in Marriage,” where he discusses what the potential Referendum 74 consequences would be. SpokaneFAVS has the story.

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