Spokane’s religion wrap-up: Billboards, Chick-fil-A, East Central stabbing

Yesterday we posted a story about the Atheist billboards that have sprung up around Spokane, and apparently Atheist billboards are a huge deal. The story spread like wildfire across the web. In fact, SpokaneFAVS had record traffic because of this story. For some reason it didn’t spark a lot of conversation on our own site, but it did spark quite a dialogue here.

We don’t have Chick-fil-A’s here, but the fast food chain got a lot of attention from our readers anyway after Pastor Craig Goodwin questioned their treatment of chickens in this post. “But for me, the best gauge of Christian faithfulness for a company that makes their living selling chickens is how they treat their chickens, especially one that builds their entire marketing strategy around showing those poor cows some compassion.” One reader, Steve, challenged Goodwin, noting “organic eating is for the elite.” He wrote, “The masses of people around the world who wonder where their next meal is coming from do not have time to worry about the size of the cage in which their chicken was kept, they just weep when they can have chicken.”  Stay tuned for a response from Goodwin.

And Pastor Eric Blauer writes about a recent stabbing in his neighborhood where a man was injured after he described himself as gay. “Needless to say, I've been a little troubled by this latest crime in our neighborhood and particularly because it revolves around someone being gay. This issue is deeply troubling to me and the religious conversations and positions I've taken on this issue are feeling more and more problematic to me as I see this type of ugliness manifesting itself out of ignorance, hate and violence. Conservative Christians, like myself, have to figure out how to represent Christ and human dignity in ways that disarm this type of bigotry instead of inflaming the flawed rhetoric and dangerous ignorance that undergirds such prejudice,” Blauer writes.

Those are just some of the articles that I’m proud to say made our site extra special this week. Take a look around to see what else has been going on the world of religion this week, and don’t forget to sign up for our weekly newsletter below to get SpokaneFAVS news delivered right to your inbox each week!

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