Spokane’s own Natural Living Show to debut in October

The Natural Living Show, Spokane’s premier consumer show for natural, organic, sustainable and healthy products — will make its debut at the Spokane Community College Lair on Oct. 13, according to a news release. 

The show will feature eco-friendly, sustainable and healthy products and services for those living an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle and will showcase a variety of products including, food, supplements, holistic health, sustainable products and other items. 

The program was created and founded by Rachael Swanson, who has produced a sister show the Health*beauty spa show for the past seven years. 

“I chose to live in the Inland Northwest to be near nature, and enjoy the outdoors. Like the majority of others in our region, I realized how important is to be concerned with environmental and physical health and living a more natural sustainable lifestyle. After numerous requests I have launched this show for other like minded individuals to network and learn how to live more sustainably,” she said in a news release. 

Admission to the premier is $7. For information and a complete schedule of activities visit www.TheNaturalLivingShow.com.


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