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SpokaneFāVS Sells FāVS Center, Becomes $1 Million Nonprofit

SpokaneFāVS Sells FāVS Center, Becomes $1 Million Nonprofit

Spokane Faith and Values, one of the nation’s best hyperlocal news sites, has received nearly $1 million for sale of its South Hill interfaith center.

The sale proceeds will provide the financial resources to ensure SpokaneFāVS.com will continue to be the area’s primary source of news and commentary on religion and to help the organization facilitate community events that bring people of all faiths and non-faiths together.

The FāVS interfaith center, on three South Hill acres, was given to the organization three years ago by Origin Church. That church, now closed, gave FāVS the building because church leaders believed in the FāVS mission, particularly in bringing people from different cultures and belief systems together, often through its signature Coffee Talk events.

Due to COVID setbacks, the FāVS board made the difficult decision earlier this year to sell the property.

“Even through the pandemic, we were able to host worship services for the Hindu community, for Ramadan events, for Christian worship and other sacred times. I’m sad COVID prevented us from using the space more, but am thrilled that we can still use the gift Origin gave us to be a stable voice in the Pacific Northwest’s news landscape,” said Executive Director Tracy Simmons, who is a scholarly assistant professor of journalism at Washington State University.

The FāVS Center was sold to Dr. C Dental Partners.

“Dr C Dental Partners is dedicated to changing the oral health landscape throughout our community and around the world. Our group has also helped to provide oral healthcare through fluoride donations in Guatemala and hygiene bags to a region in Honduras. As we continue to grow, we will be able to not only change the oral health of our local communities but also to other communities throughout the nation and the world,” said Dr. Josh Cochran. “In our next phase of growth, we are moving our headquarters to the SpokaneFāVS building and cannot be more excited with this transition.”

The SpokaneFāVS board of directors is working with a consulting firm to revamp its website and strategic plan and is looking to add more religion reporters to its team of journalists.

FāVS invites the community to experience one of its popular Coffee Talks this Sunday at 2 p.m. at The Hive, 2904 E Sprague. Ave. The topic is, “Responding to Hate & Violence.”

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