Become a FāVS Member During This Summer 2021 Membership Drive

Become a FāVS Member During This Summer 2021 Membership Drive

SpokaneFāVS launched their Summer 2021 Membership Drive and is excited to be giving away great gifts during our campaign to our new members as a way of saying thank you!

FāVS offers five membership tiers with different benefits, ranging from $5/month to $40/month, as well as an annual membership of $50/year. These commitments support the religion journalism and commentary you see every day on our website, as well as the stimulating bi-monthly Coffee Talks where panelists from the local community discuss relevant topics. 

The financial support also helps the FāVS Center, the Inland Northwest’s only multifaith community center, in keeping its doors open while business picks back up after our recent COVID restrictions.

Above all, members will be joining a community of people who care about understanding the belief systems that make up Spokane.

For a limited time, we are offering six giveaways:

  • ONLY ONE LEFT! First two new Patrons ($20/month) will receive a $30 Kizuri gift card and a FāVS T-shirt
  • ALL GONE! First two new Supporters ($10/month) will receive a $20 Wishing Tree Books Gift card and a FāVS T-shirt
  • MORE ADDED, TWO STILL LEFT! First two new Friends ($5/month) will receive a $10 Revel 77 Coffee gift card and a FāVS T-shirt

Stay tuned to social media for updates as to what prizes will be given away and when.

While we continue to work tirelessly to provide you with unique faith and ethics related coverage to keep the Spokane area informed, we want you to know how much we appreciate you, our readers.

Just like you, this pandemic has impacted our team’s health, finances, and routine, but we are persevering and remain committed to our public service.

Your continued support is so meaningful to us during this time, and we hope you consider going one step further with us, becoming a part of our team as a member.

Visit favsmembers.com to sign up or to find out more information.

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