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Spokane Retreat Center Offers Post-Christmas Day of Recollection

Spokane Retreat Center Offers Post-Christmas Day of Recollection

Immaculate Heart Retreat Center will be offering a silent post-Christmas Day of Recollection on Jan. 12. The retreat, will be from 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. and is titled “Following Jesus in Ordinary Time in Ordinary Ways.” It will be led by Rev. Mike Savelesky.

According to a press release, “Using selected scenes from the Gospel narratives, we take time to explore the often-hidden dynamics of our Christian journey into God’s Kingdom. Grace and blessing abound for those whose hearts are attentive and for those who have made a decision to follow Jesus, the Word of God incarnate in our work-a-day world.”

Cost for the retreat is $45 per person or $55 with use of a room for the day and includes, Mass, lunch, three conferences, the Rosary, and reconciliation.  

Register in advance by calling (509)448-1224, or online at www.IHRC.net.

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