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Spokane rally calls for “health care for all”

Jenny Siebrecht speaks about health care at a Spokane rally/Elizabeth Backstrom - SpokaneFAVS

Spokane rally calls for “health care for all”


By Elizabeth Backstrom

More than 200 people crowded into Hamilton Studio Jan. 15 for a rally on health care, one of a series of events held across the country by members of the group Our Revolution. Born out of Bernie Sanders’s 2016 presidential campaign, the group aims to pursue many of his goals, including a ‘health care for all’ platform promoted at the rally.

Marcus Riccelli speaks about the need for health care for all/Elizabeth Backstrom – SpokaneFAVS

Lynnette Vehrs, a retired nurse who ran against Republican Mike Volz for the Kevin Parker’s recently vacated House seat in the 6th legislative district, spoke at the rally, as did 3rd district House Representative Marcus Riccelli.

Jenny Siebrecht was one of many speakers to tell a health story as petitions circled the room and the crowd listened to speeches by Vehrs and Riccelli.

“I was a high earner and things looked good,” she said, “until I got cancer. All my savings were gone.”

Siebrecht lived in Idaho for years, but moved to Washington in search of affordable health care and cancer treatment.

“You can be a high earner, you can have good prospects, and it can all be wiped out overnight if you get sick,” she said.

The organization is calling for the government to build on the success of the Affordable Care Act and provide better coverage and reduce health care spending.

Elizabeth Backstrom

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