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Spokane Interfaith Council launches GoFundMe Campaign to help Knox Presbyterian after robbery

By R. Skyler Oberst

The inside of Knox Presbyterian Church
The inside of Knox Presbyterian Church

Early Tuesday morning a man approached Knox Presbyterian Church in Spokane. He tried the doors, but at 4:30 a.m., the church was closed. After realizing the church was locked, he went to the back door of the building, and in the shadows of the alley, he pried the lock off and entered.

Acccording to the Spokesman Review, this man went through the church and began collecting items of suspected worth. He even took trash cans to help carry off what he had stolen.

Some of the items missing when people employees arrived in the morning were the computers used to keep records and to make the weekly church bulletins essential for the congregation to stay up to date on their 89-member community, which is older, but has been committed to community since 1889.

After hearing about the tragedy at the Knox Presbyterian church, the Spokane Interfaith Council has started a GoFundMe to help their congregation get back on its feet. We believe that all houses of worship are sacred, and that the congregation of Knox Presbyterian should continue its work in revitalizing its neighborhood. If one member of our community is attacked, we all are attacked.

We therefore call on members of our community to consider giving to this fund — of which 100 percent of proceeds will go directly to Knox Presbyterian. We also invite the individuals who are responsible to attend an Interfaith Council meeting so that we might help begin the process of reconciliation in the community.

Please share and help a local church continue its commitment to making a difference in Spokane.

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Spokane Interfaith Council, thank you so much for all you do.

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