Spokane gudwara raises money for officer injured in Wisconsin shooting


Lt. Brian Murphy
Lt. Brian Murphy

In August, when a gunman attacked a Sikh gudwara in Oak Creek, Wisc., police officer Lt. Brian Murphy was shot nine times. When rescuers came to his aid, he waived them away. According to a witness, “He had been shot nine times — one of them very serious in the neck area — and he waved them off and told them to go into the temple to assist those in there.”

His personal sacrifice touched the Spokane Sikh community and at the end of September members of the Sikh Temple (gudwara) of Spokane sent him $2,600 to assist with his medical care.

“Your personal disregard, for your care while you lay severely injured on the ground, and calling upon rescuers to go save lives in the Sikh Temple, was a shining example of dedication to your cause and profession,” wrote Religious Minister Gurjeet Singh Aujla. “The Sikh community fervently prays that this sacrifice will be a turning point in the American psychic in embracing diversity and celebrating our difference.”

Baldev Singh, member of the gudwara, said collection boxes were set up around the temple for a few weeks and members made anonymous donations.


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