Spokane Faith & Values presents: Ask an Atheist

According to the Religion Stylebook an atheist is, “A person who does not believe in God or other supernatural forces. Some people make a distinction between “weak atheism” (the idea that evidence doesn’t support a belief in God) and “strong atheism” (being convinced that God does not exist).”

It's a definition that invites questions. Lots of questions.

Atheism is growing in the U.S., particularly in the Pacific Northwest, proving that there's an interest in this ideology.

We often get asked why we have atheist and agnostic writers on a Faith and Values site. The above sentence that question.

This week we announce a new feature on Spokane Faith & Values called Ask an Atheist. Our secularist writer Jim Downard is eager to answer your questions about atheism. One writer already sent one in, asking “What's the difference between atheism and new atheism.”

What questions do you have? Leave a comment below or submit a question here.

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