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Spokane Community Steps Up to Lessen Burdens Due to COVID-19 Restrictions

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By Cassy Benefield

The Spokane community steps up to lessen burdens to hard hit members of our area brought on by the COVID-19 restrictions, and SpokaneFAVS.com wants to keep you in the loop.

This list will be updated regularly, so please bookmark it for future reference. And if you know of any local efforts, please let us know at spokanefavs.cassy@gmail.com.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Because of the rapidly changing nature of the virus and the changing COVID-19 restrictions that come along with it, we will do our best to keep up with those changes. For instance, a couple of the “helps” on our list have come off because of changing “social distancing” restrictions.

Updated March 31


The Fig Tree—Resource Guide for 2020 State of Emergency in Spokane Area

The Fig Tree has created an Emergency Resource Guide in several categories that many in the community may need to know about and communicate with. Categories include food banks, and the times they are open, information about clothing banks, hygiene resources, urgent care facility locations, grocery stores with delivery services, school district childcare resources, and more.

Spokane Area Coronavirus Aid Facebook Group

The Spokane Area Coronavirus Aid Facebook Group is a grass-roots group of local individuals who want to help meet the needs of members in the community. According to their “About” section, “This is a group for anyone who has any need and anyone who wants to help during this time, whether it be food, child care, financial, or emotional. Please feel free to reach out to the group for help and ask…there are a lot of people who want to help and I’m hoping this can be a place where those connections can be made.”

Helping Spokane County Get Through COVID-19 Facebook Group

The Helping Spokane County Get Through COVID-19 Facebook Group is another grass-roots group of individuals trying to connect the local community with those in need to those who can help with those needs. This page is full of rich local information about what restaurants are offering to the community, information on local banks and their updated policies on loan payments, and more.

Brick West Brewing Co.—Free Kids Hotdogs

Starting March 16, kids can receive a free hot dog with the purchase of any adult dog. Until further notice, come in and relax with any entree or beer, and the minis will eat free, here or to-go. “We look forward to serving you and helping everyone get through this crazy time.” Right now this is only for to-go orders, and Brick West is open from 12-7 p.m. Please call 509-279-2982 with any questions or visit their Facebook page for updates.

Spark CentralCreative Care Packages Fundraiser for West Central school kids

Like all WA schools, Spark Central is closed through April 24th. Still, they know many kids depend on them and so are creating Creative Care Packages to give to the population of school kids they serves. But they need the community’s help. To find out more or to give a donation toward this, please visit this link.

This list will be updated regularly, so please bookmark it for future reference. And if you know of any local efforts, please let us know at spokanefavs.cassy@gmail.com.

Cassy Benefield

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