So everyone can hear Coffee Talks: The FāVS PA Fund


On Saturday more than 35 people crowded into Saranac Commons to hear a SpokaneFāVS Coffee Talk discussion on “Forgive or Forget.”

Everyone strained to hear the panelists — a poet, a professor, a Buddhist minister and a WWII survivor. Some moved to the floor and sat at their feet to hear their profound comments, but in a crowded venue with lots of noise and no microphone, the theme of the morning was, “I can’t hear.”

So FāVS is launching a small fundraising campaign to raise money for its own Coffee Talk Pro Audio System so that for our next Coffee Talk, in October, all guests can hear. We’d like the purchase the “Fender Passport CONFERENCE – Self-Contained Portable Audio System (175W),” which is a portable PA system designed for small audiences. The system has received good reviews. The cost is $399.99.

If you’d like to contribute to this fund, please make a donation via Paypal below, or mail a check to SpokaneFAVS at PO Box 8416, Spokane, WA 99203.

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Facebook Live video of the August Coffee Talk

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