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Show Your Love for FāVS, Become a Member

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Ven. Thubten Chonyi, a Buddhist nun living at Sravasti Abbey, starts her day by reading SpokaneFāVS.com. She’s one of the 5,000 people who get FāVS delivered right to her inbox each morning.

“Reading it teaches me so much about human hearts and helps me understand the lenses that people of different faiths wear to view our world,” she says. “Although we may have widely different philosophical views, I find much in common with writers and readers of SpokaneFAVs—all seekers of higher truths, all proponents of spiritual ethics, all believers in human potential to care for one another and our world.”

So many people feel this way about SpokaneFāVS, like FāVS columnist Cassy Benefield who says, “I really believe SpokaneFāVs.com is one of the best places on the internet, and every local community should have a place like this where people from all walks of life can talk and listen to one another better where reciprocal understanding and kindness are results.”

Follow Their Lead

We’re just as grateful for Benefield and Chonyi as they are for FāVS. We hope more people will follow their lead and become FāVS Members to help support this website and community.

Any donation helps us publish this content each day. We’ve created five membership tiers for you to choose from – something that fits every budget. All members get the daily SpokaneFāVS newsletter and get access to the members only forum. Other perks, depending on membership tier, include discounted advertising, discounted use of the FāVS Center and special events just for members.

Since FāVS launched in 2012 we’ve published 2,000 religion news stories, 5,000 columns from all faith perspectives and we’ve hosted 70 Coffee Talks!

Why Join

Not sure if you should join?

FāVS Member Skyler Oberst, founder of Seekr, shares why he’s a monthly donor.

“I support FāVS because my community matters and deserves the highest quality journalism and commentary,” he said.

Will you join him in supporting the efforts of SpokaneFāVS?

Tracy Simmons

About Tracy Simmons

Tracy Simmons is an award winning journalist specializing in religion reporting, digital entrepreneurship and social journalism. In her 15 years on the religion beat, Simmons has tucked a notepad in her pocket and found some of her favorite stories aboard cargo ships in New Jersey, on a police chase in Albuquerque, in dusty Texas church bell towers, on the streets of New York and in tent cities in Haiti.
Simmons has worked as a multimedia journalist for newspapers across New Mexico, Texas and Connecticut. Currently she serves as the executive director of SpokaneFAVS.com, a digital journalism start-up covering religion news and commentary in Spokane, Wash. She is also a Lecture of Strategic Communication at the University of Idaho.

She also writes for The Spokesman-Review and for the Religion News Service.

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