Should You Open a Religious Goods Store?


Should You Open a Religious Goods Store?

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Despite the fact that many people are atheists or agnostics, religion still plays an important role in the lives of the inhabitants of most countries. There is no need to hide: there are a lot of religious shops on the Internet. However, we have our own secrets on how to set up the monetization of the traffic of a large religious online media, into a fully functioning store with annual growth.

As a rule, such stores are initially created on the enthusiasm of one person and are a small business. However, the business usually expands, and its founder has to think about moving it to a sub-e-commerce platform.

Principles and team

One of the strategic product groups in the project is books. Several dozen publishing houses each month publish a dozen new titles of religious literature, which requires maintaining an up-to-date product offer. As a result, several hundred books per month are introduced to the site for sale. In addition, store employees are constantly updating other product categories, looking for suppliers of new products. As a result, the store can reach the level of development where suppliers are looking for it, and not vice versa.

In this area, people make good money, and the highest paid employees are content managers who are involved in the introduction and promotion of new products. It is these specialists who expand the product range, communicate with suppliers. They also track buying activity.

Of course, if we are talking about promotion in social networks, then there are not as many blogs with religious content as there are accounts on other topics. Therefore, if you want to sell religious books and clothes on Instagram, then you won’t face much competition. However, it will be quite difficult to find your account at first, so you can buy Instagram followers in the first stage of your career to attract a starting audience.

It is also important to note this nuance: the employees of such companies try to be ethical people and not offer something that is at odds with the ideological ideas about what a religious store should sell. That is why different companies can cooperate with such an organization without fear that they will face something outrageous or illegal. Therefore, you probably don’t have to buy real Instagram followers, because you can attract a large audience through mutually beneficial cooperation with other stores.


Of course, there has always been and is a large category of people who consider Internet commerce and the Internet in general to be incompatible with religion. But for a generation that is not afraid of the Internet, this is quite normal. The main thing is the polite and attentive service of the store employees. For a religious culture, trust and kindness is a tradition. Therefore, you can work in this area only by observing these traditions.


This is a business that requires competencies, time, effort, knowledge and costs. But practice does not show that nothing is impossible. You just need to be judicious in all matters of organizing and promoting the project.

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