Should the Church of England allow female bishops?

The Church of England has said no to consecrating female bishops and says the issue can't be addressed again until 2015.

According to the Religion News Service, “Many of the 470 members of the church's three-tiered General Synod (bishops, clergy and laity) were stunned that the House of Laity couldn't garner a two-thirds majority in favor of women bishops. The voted failed by just five votes, 132-74, after easily passing the bishops and clergy.”

Those opposing the consecration of female bishops said it, “will do much more harm in the long term and will lead irrevocably to deep fractures appearing within the Church.”

Currently there are 3,600 ordained women in the Church of England and 37 female bishops in the worldwide Anglican Communion.

What do you think? Should the Church of England reject or allow female bishops?


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Eric Blauer

Yes to women…no to funny hats.

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