Should the American flag fly in worship space?


This week Rev. Deb Conklin writes:

And precisely because I deeply honor my country and its flag, I do not believe that it belongs in worship. In our place of worship we should have symbols of what we worship. We have the baptismal font — the symbol of our baptism into the life of faith. We have the table — the Lord’s Table — the symbol of the sacrament in which we come together as community to share in Christ’s presence in our lives. We have candles — symbols of the light of Christ in our world, in our lives. In some worship spaces, we have the pulpit, symbol of preaching and teaching the Word of God. These are all symbols that when we enter into worship, we are entering (however imperfectly) into the Kingdom of God — the realm where God’s vision for creation is honored, revealed, and to the best of our ability, lived out.

What do you think?

Read full article here.

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