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Sharing the Gospel With Kids How to Do It Yourself During Quarantine

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It is estimated that over 2.5 billion people consider themselves followers of Christ.

Christians are all around the world and sharing the message of Jesus is incredibly important, especially during such trying times.

Sharing the Gospel with kids can be difficult. Doing it from home during quarantine is a challenge every parent should be ready to take on, head first.

Continue reading to learn some of our tips on how to teach children about God. 

Being a Leader for Your Child

Leading a child to Christ might prove to be a challenge but the best way to do this is by being a leader to your child.

Most of what you can teach a child, or anyone really, is through example and how you live your life. This will reflect the Gospel more than anything else, keeping God first in your life. 

Teach your children that they can have a beautiful relationship with God through Jesus Christ by demonstrating how you cultivate that relationship yourself each day. This will draw them closer to deciding to accept Jesus into their hearts. 

Why Is Jesus Important? Teach Them

Of course, you already know the value of Jesus in your life.

Teaching a child the significance of the sacrifices Jesus made for them is one of the best ways to share the Gospel with your kids, and you can do this at any time and any place. 

Help your children understand the grace of God by explaining how he sent his only son to die and rise again to pay for the sins of the world. Show them that we all have sinned but can be saved through the sacrifices of Jesus, our Lord, and Savior. 

Be Armed With Knowledge to Answer Questions

Explaining the difficult topics to your children might sound intimidating.

However, when they see you attempting to analyze the big questions about the Gospel, it might lead them to seek out more understanding on their own.

Arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can to answer their questions but if you don’t always have an answer, take the chance to try to learn alongside your child. Talk to your children often and let them know that you’re available to discuss anything with them. This transparency will allow your child to reach out with more questions about faith.

Celebrate How They Demonstrate Their Christianity 

What better way to share the Gospel with your kids than to acknowledge their Christian behaviors?

Celebrating your children on their talent and their intelligence is great but celebrating their spiritual morals is even better. Whenever your child demonstrates kindness or patience, tell them that they have qualities that God would be proud of. 

When you celebrate your child’s spiritual qualities, they’ll realize how important it is to represent God in this manner. This is a great way to teach your children about God and the Gospel. 

Sing Worship Songs Together 

One of the best mediums of Christianity for kids is worship music.

Music is a universal language and learning through song is incredibly powerful and fun as well. Kids praise songs, worship songs made specifically for children, are a great and engaging way to share the Gospel with your kids. 

Singing worship songs with your kids will show them how much joy the Lord and the Gospel bring you and will lead them to seek out that same joy. They’ll want that same love in their own hearts. 

Pray Often and Practice Gratitude

To teach your children the Gospel, you must teach them the power of prayer. Show them how to pray on their own and pray as a family.

Pray for them and teach them to pray for other people in their lives. Prayer will enrich their relationship with Christ as nothing else can. 

Practicing gratitude is a major part of teaching children about God. Teach your children to count their blessings every day. Practice talking with your children about the things they’re grateful for in their own lives. 

Sharing the Gospel With Kids Through Bible Study

What better way to teach children about the Gospel than by reading and analyzing the Holy Bible as a family.

You can start by studying in a cozy corner of your home and then inviting your children to join you. This will show them how to best develop a relationship with God, by reading his Word. 

One other thing that you can do, as a family, is practice memorizing Bible verses together. Scripture is an important part of understanding your own faith and a great place to turn to for guidance in life. 

Only Godly Entertainment Allowed

Being in quarantine probably means that your children are watching a little more TV than usual. But living for God means that He should guide you in every part of your life.

This means that entertainment your children consume should represent the values of a Christian lifestyle. 

It’s important that the shows your kids watch align with the morals you have as a family. The entertainment your kids consume can have a significant impact on their minds, so making sure that they’re only watching quality programming is important. 

These Are the Best Ways to Share the Gospel With Your Kids

Sharing the Gospel with kids, during such a difficult time in the world, is crucial.

Although it might be difficult to rally all the kids together to help them understand the Word of God, there are many ways to help you get started. The list above includes some of the best ways to do so. 

Check out some of our other blogs to find ways to share the Gospel with your kids and teach them about all the good things God does in their lives.  

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