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Share Farm Brings Local Produce to Consumers, Works with Local Farmers, During Pandemic

By Emma Craven

A local business is using this time of uncertainty as an opportunity to grow.

Share Farms’s goal is to make fresh, local produce accessible while reducing the carbon footprint.

“We (Share Farm) are an online marketplace and delivery service, so we marry local artisans and producers to buyers. We work to decentralize the food industry to make a more resilient local economy,” said co-founder Vincent Peak.

The More Farms, The Better

He said the company uses multiple farms, distributors and artisans.

Peak added that key part of using multiple farms is the ability for anyone to get involved.

“We allow any farm and any size participate in the market and they can sell to local consumers or participate in the marketplace,” he said.

The company started in 2016 as a mobile app and since has grown to serve Portland and Seattle, with plans to expand to Boise, Anchorage, and Los Angeles. During COVID-19 restrictions they are only serving the Spokane area.

Investing In Local Food

“We recognized the opportunity people have to invest in local food communities,” Co-founder Eric Kobe said. “This time, COVID-19, is an opportunity for consumers to play a role in local health.”

Share Farm was built as a platform that can adapt, and that is what it has had to do during the pandemic, he explained.

 “People are participating in this local food movement by being good citizens and neighbors that support the rules of social distancing. We feel this food movement is very important right now during COVID-19, and we are focused on action,” Kobe said.

Online Farmer’s Markets Coming Soon

Peak added they are working on an online farmers market, using the Marketplace. It is free for sellers to use the marketplace for farmers’ markets.

He explained that an example of this would be for the Kendall Yards Night Market.

“Due to the restrictions of COVID-19, not all items will be available at the night market, but utilizing this service of an online marketplace, these items will be available at our drop location of Yards Bruncheon,” he said.  

This month Share Farm will begin taking orders for the Kendall Yards, Spokane Valley, Fairwood and Liberty Lake online farmer’s markets. Information can be found, along with recipes, on their website.

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