September Coffee Talk: Reconciling Religion & Science

“Reconciling Faith & Science” Indaba Coffee Bar, 10 a.m.

Handling the tensions surrounding physics and Christianity” By Kamesh Sankaran

My purpose here is to share how I view my profession as a professor of physics through the lens of my profession of a Christian faith. (Read More)

There’s hope for reconciling science and religion” by Patricia Bruininks

It has been a rough summer. Wars and rumors of wars have competed with one another for media exposure… (Read More)

Religion and Science Are all Part of the Human Imagination” by Kelly Rae Mathews

Asking if can religion and science be reconciled implies that science and religion may have once been joined together.  (Read More)

Science and Religion: What, that again?” by the Rev. Andy CastroLang

Member of Congregation: (after noticing flyer about upcoming Coffee Talk on Science and Religion) “Oh Pastor Andy, are you going to be involved in that?.” (Read More)

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Tracy Simmons is an award winning journalist specializing in religion reporting, digital entrepreneurship and social journalism. In her 15 years on the religion beat, Simmons has tucked a notepad in her pocket and found some of her favorite stories aboard cargo ships in New Jersey, on a police chase in Albuquerque, in dusty Texas church bell towers, on the streets of New York and in tent cities in Haiti.
Simmons has worked as a multimedia journalist for newspapers across New Mexico, Texas and Connecticut. Currently she serves as the executive director of SpokaneFAVS.com, a digital journalism start-up covering religion news and commentary in Spokane, Wash. She is also a Scholarly Assistant Professor at Washington State University.

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