Flickr photo by Andy Rennie

Seeking wisdom

Flickr photo by Andy Rennie
Flickr photo by Andy Rennie

My perspective on wisdom may not be very pagan, but I don’t think wisdom can be defined by a perspective outside of itself. That being said, when I consider wisdom the only thing that comes to mind is insight. When I consider insight the only thing that comes to mind is looking deep within a quiet spaciousness. When I consider quiet spaciousness the only thing that comes to mind is the humility of not knowing.

Seeking wisdom on my spiritual journey finds me going inward, into the quiet, of no longer needing to know and trusting life simply as it is.

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About Julia Hayes

Presently Julia Hayes is a hobby organic farmer living one of the most traditional roles she can imagine; stay at home mama, full-time cook and housekeeper, seamstress extraordinaire, boo-boo fixer-upper, and constant child negotiator and mediator.

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  1. Hi Julia,

    Do you know how to type a meditating emoticon smile?
    (If I knew how, that’s what my comment would be.)
    See you tomorrow 🙂

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