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Discovering God

By Christi Ortiz

We are called to discover God as a little child.  Have you ever watched a child just beginning to crawl and discover the world around them?  They are full of energy and desire and curiosity.  They vivaciously long to touch, grasp, smell, taste and study each and every detail around them.  There is nothing that surrounds them that hasn’t been examined, held, pounded and tasted.  All of their energies are directed outward to uncover and explore their environment.  Image if we took this same hunger to our prayer life with God.  What if we sat with God with such curiosity and longing to discover, uncover, and explore the Divine Mysteries?  What if we just spent time touching and tasting the Lord’s presence?  What joy the Lord would feel if we lunged forward with such longing and happiness at the beginning of our prayer encounter.  Why do we make prayer so complicated, when in reality it is as simple as touch, when it can be as natural as our inner longing to connect, to discover?

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