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Reflecting on Goals for the New Year

Reflecting on Goals for the New Year

By Matthew Kincanon

The year is coming to an end and many of us are thinking about what our New Year’s resolutions are going to be. I’ve spent time looking back at what’s happened over the last several months, especially when thinking about what my resolutions and goals should be for the coming year.

Here’s what I hope to accomplish in 2022:  

  1. Find a job where I can fully dedicate myself to causes and stories I care about and reach my full potential. The dream is to work with the Tribes.
  2. Make self-care a higher priority and stay on top of taking care of myself. 
  3. Find more time to enjoy life and fully enjoy the activities I love without worrying about what could be coming up during the week.
  4. Spend more time with my family.
  5. Take care of a few projects that have been in the works for awhile.

What are your goals for the coming year?

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Matthew Kincanon is a former Digital Content Producer with a journalism and political science degree from Gonzaga University. His journalism experience includes the Gonzaga Bulletin, The Spokesman-Review, and now SpokaneFāVS. He said he is excited to be a freelancer at SpokaneFāVS because, as a Spokane native, he wants to learn more about the various religious communities and cultures in his hometown.

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