Reader Submission: COVID-19 Comes Like a Tidal Wave

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Guest Column by Nick Darton

COVID-19 will for the remainder of my life be just another thorn, test, proof, etc. about life and all that are affected by it and its massive implications.

Like if we’re not on the pinnacle of devastation, destruction, as a tidal wave hitting our shores, we are unfortunately going to see, feel and experience so much more in the future. Not just for adults living life today but, children growing up listening and being subject to heartache, pain, misery, violence, hate, greed. Worst of all, a very important aspect that has and will affect us all is the lack of empathy, understanding and LOVE.

As a tidal wave approaches you prepare as we have done. But are we ready for what devastation it is going to do once it hits? Then comes the continual surge of power and destruction. Then how, during this are you able to hang on to something solid when the very people we’ve voted for and trust, lie, deceive and make excuses?

I personally have in my childhood and through adulthood been through this exact experience. I’ve come to the end of my wits with no positive, clear answer available. I’ve started looking inward for survival techniques. How am I going to get by? What things do I need to ensure I do not drown, because when the waters recede, there will be far more selfishness and greed. Someone will be trying to steal out of your basket. Faith, hope and charity will abide, I’m sure, but for now internal instincts of survival are at the foremost.

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