Racist message found on home of refugee family living in Spokane

Racist message reportedly found on refugee family’s home in Spokane

Earlier today we received a report of a racist message that was written on the home of a refugee family in Spokane. We are horrified by this action, which goes against everything for which our community stands; it is completely contrary to our core values, both as a Compassionate City and as people of faith.

We call on the authorities to immediately launch an investigation into this incident, and take swift and appropriate action based on the investigation findings.  A safe and healthy community is an essential characteristic of a Compassionate City, and every day at the Spokane Interfaith Council seeks to advocate for a safer, more respectful community by calling on all residents to love their neighbors.

While this is one of many recent incidents, it is important to note that any racist messages like the one found in our community endanger the safety of our community—especially our neighbors of color, and create a climate that is not conducive to building a beloved community. We are very concerned about those who have been affected by this incident, and those in the recent past.

We call on our elected officials and community advocates to join us in the condemnation of this incident. We are committed to their safety and well-being. This incident is additional evidence of the pressing need in our community and our nation to find ways to talk with all of our neighbors constructively and respectfully. Over the past several years, we have been learning and practicing language that helps us engage in these conversations when we need them most, in order to interrupt hatred and bigotry.

We invite the community to attend any of the Spokane Interfaith CounciI’s Meet the Neighbors Events.  We know that providing the community with accurate and respectful opportunities to meet their neighbors will be essential in our efforts to address terrible events like this and to help everyone feel safe and secure in our community. We encourage the people of Spokane to join us in building a more Compassionate Community.

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