Morning Star Baptist Church was littered with racist fliers recently/Contributed

Racist fliers found near Morning Star Baptist Church

By Matthew Kincanon

On Monday racist posters and fliers relating to a neo-nazi group were placed on the outer perimeter of Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church — a predominantly black congregation in Northwest Spokane.

Two posters found said “ITS OK TO GENOCIDE SUBHUMANS” and “TURN YOUR SADNESS INTO RAGE” with the contact information for Feuerkrieg Division (FKD) listed at the bottom of them, a neo-nazi group found 2018 in the Baltics that has encouraged violence against Jews, African Americans, LGBTQ, religious leaders and law enforcement, among others, planned by cells and individuals, rather than as a group, in order to gain power.  The Anti-Defamation League reports that this group has about 30 members.

Rev. Walter Kendricks, pastor of the Morning Star, said he first heard about the posters yesterday, when he received calls and messages informing him of the posters. He said he believes the posters were put up sometime Sunday night and Monday morning. 

“I’m going to stand up against hate, I’m not going to be deterred from my community activities,” Kendricks said.  “I call it a journey for justice; I’m going to oppose building new jails, I’m going to oppose far right-wing politicians, I’m going to speak out against hate wherever I confront it, I’m not going to be silent, I’m just going to keep doing what I do.”

He added that people of good will should come together and say “Not here in Spokane” and not put up with it not just in Spokane but anywhere.

“As individuals, whenever we see hate or whenever we encounter hate we know it and stand up and say no it’s wrong,” Kendricks said. 

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